Using The Right Garden Decking Material

Part of the procedure of building a garden deck is coming to the right decision of the material that needs to be used for garden decking. There are two options available for the homeowners, and they include composite and timber. In these modern times, timber garden decking has gained huge popularity. It is only because of this reason that the availability and the demand for timber decking kits and tools have also increased throughout the market.

Timber Decking

Speaking about timber or wood decking, homeowners should have this in mind that deck timbers are susceptible to contract and swell as per seasons and weather patterns. They obviously get back to their natural shapes during dry and warm weather in comparison to their swelling conditions during cold weather. It is also important to note that there is the extra time required for maintaining timber garden decks. Therefore, garden owners should decide on whether they have that extra time needed for keeping a timber deck sealed and appearing good. For the ones who do not have this extra time, composite garden decking would be the right option. There can be absolutely no doubt in the fact that timber decking requires more upkeep but Cedar wood decking is something that requires no upkeep at all. This is because cedar is resistant to sunlight, snow, and rain. It does not twist or wrap and also does not tend cupping or checking.

Composite Decking

One of the greatest advantages of composite garden decking is that it is maintenance free. It does not change even during extreme weather conditions provided it has been laid down properly. However, the colors of the composite deck might fade with time but the fading it quite uniform and therefore the users might not be able to notice it. However, one major disadvantage of using composite decking is that it is far more expensive in comparison to timber decking. Another major disadvantage of composite decking is that users might come across faulty products. However, this does not mean that all composite decking products are faulty and might not be able to offer the results expected by users.


Overall, both composite and timber decking is perfect for gardens. The only thing that the garden owners need to do is decide between a timber deck that needs proper maintenance and a composite garden deck that is maintenance free. For the budget conscious individuals, timber decking would be the right choice, and for the ones who require quality even if some money goes into it, composite decking would be the right choice.